Online purchasing is very common; the trend of online shopping has increased lately,  as it is easy and convenient for many to get their desired product delivered to their doorstep. A few of these steps stated will guide you on how to shop online.

1.     Search for the desired product

Type the name of the brand or product you want to purchase in the search bar given on the website; you will see a range of products; this way, you will get the details about your searched product. You can see the reviews that will guide you about purchasing for further details. Sometimes on the homepage, all the categories are given to select from those.

2.     Select the product and add t to your shopping basket

Once you have selected the desired product, then you need to select the quantity, color, flavor, texture, etc., that is required. After choosing that, click on the Add to Cart option and save the product until taking further steps.

3.     Continue shopping or buy the product

After adding the product to your shopping cart or basket, you will see two options below Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout. If you want to purchase anything else from the website, you need to select the continue shopping option; otherwise, you can proceed to checkout.

4.     Checkout and payment

If you are done purchasing, click on the proceed to checkout button, and you will be taken to the payment page. Some websites ask you to register or create an account, while some give you the option to continue as a guest. If you wish to make more purchases in the future, signing in is a better option.

5.     Create an account

You need to provide some information that the website will save for your convenience. The information saved will help you save time and checkout easily when you make future purchases.

6.     Payment method

The next step is about the mode of payment either you will go for the cash on delivery option, or you want to pay through a card; based on your choice, you can choose any of these methods.

7.     Final step

When all the information is provided, the website will send a confirmation code to verify your order and send a confirmation email about the order details.