This particular privacy policy is applicable to Buy Original, an online store where you can buy all third-party products. This policy also applies to the websites and product brands with the same name as Buy Original available in the market. All related body corporates, affiliated companies, and subsidiaries also fall under the same privacy policy. Additionally, the meanings of “we”, “us”, and “our”, are Buy Original while you visit this website or any other website with the same name.

Buy Original respects everything related to your privacy, and we are committed to handling all your personal information according to the laws, regulations, rules, and procedures followed and implemented in all those countries and regions where we work.

In this privacy policy, we explain everything related to the personal information you provide. If you buy something from our website, register yourself with us to become an online seller, send or receive emails and newsletters, we collect some of your information. Here, we will explain how we collect this information and manage it.

Therefore, all need to read this privacy policy thoroughly before providing your personal information at any place on this website.

When you start using this website, you accept everything mentioned in this policy. We may change this privacy policy without your consent. So, you must go through this privacy policy regularly. Furthermore, these changes will be updated and posted on the Site, and we will apply this policy to information or activities going forward.

With that, these changes will not be on a retroactive basis. We expect every visitor to review the privacy policy all the time when visiting this website. It will help you understand how you can provide your information to the website and how we utilize it. So, whenever you visit Buy Original, it is an indication of your acceptance.

Important Note: All the privacy policies, techniques, and practices mentioned in this particular privacy policy are for Buy Original website only. If you visit any other website that belongs to us or is linked with us, you need to read their privacy policy separately.

Policy Purpose

Buy Original takes its obligations quite attentively. For that, we will take all necessary and reasonable steps to protect and safeguard all the information you provide to us by relying on our privacy policy. This privacy policy tells how we manage your personal information.

Publicly Accessible Websites

You do not need to provide any information while generally visiting the Buy Original website. It is required when you choose to do so. However, whenever we need your personal information, it can consist of your name, address, and email ID. This information is required when communication is required with Buy Original. For example, you want to ask something or request some information. Buy Original uses this information to communicate with you, like processing your resume, responding to your request, or answering your questions. However, if you do not want to share your personal information, we allow you to visit certain website pages.

How do we collect your personal information and disclose it?

Buy Original collects your information and discloses it according to the law of the land.

How do we access your personal information?

Buy Original follows all the rules, laws, and regulations while accessing your personal information. It is also according to the access policy made by our legal experts. More importantly, we do not lease, rent, or sell your personal information to any third party. If we want to share your personal information with a third party, we will not do it without your consent. If you do not allow us to share your information with a third party, we will follow your instructions fully.

Here, it is necessary to mention that some laws allow us to share your personal information with a specific third party. In this scenario, we will follow the laws.

Security of personal information

We take every step to protect your personal information and keep it away from any unauthorized. It includes protecting stored and generated materials that are available in hard copy. We also protect electronic materials by keeping them on those servers and clouds that no one can access conveniently. We also use data protection tools to avoid unauthorized access to the maximum. Additionally, we de-identify and destroy personal information properly that you do not use to make it inaccessible to any unauthorized person or software. So, your personal information will not be reused, misused, disclosed, accessed, or altered.

Cookies/Tracking Technology

Buy Original also uses tracking technology and cookies on which the features are dependent. The benefits of using cooking and tracking technology are many. However, the most significant feature is that we can gather information about the operating system and browser type to adjust the website accordingly. These cookies also help us track the number of visitors coming to the website and identify how they use the website. Cookies and tracking technology also help us customize the website according to our visitors’ requirements.

However, it is necessary to mention that we do not use cookies for collecting personal information. Cookies collect personal information only if you have provided personally identifiable information previously. Here, we also want to mention that cookies and tracking information can also be shared with third parties.

With cookies, we can:

  •         Identify the browser when you visit our website.
  •         Calculate how many times your browser has accessed our website.
  •         Track all those pages that you visit while exploring our website.

Additionally, we also allow other parties to advertise their business on the Buy Original website. These third parties may also use cookies and tracking technology. It helps them identify the browser, which accessed their website through advertising on our website. So, if you are on the Buy Original website, you need to read their privacy policies as well. It helps you understand how they manage personal information. The reason is that we do not take responsibility if such a third party has accessed your information according to their privacy policy.

Commitment to Data Security

We are always conscious of the security of your personally identifiable information. Therefore, we allow our agents, authorized employees, and contractors to access this information. Whenever you receive a message, newsletter, or email from Buy Original, you may even get more emails, messages, and newsletters from us.

Periodic Changes

You must remember that we, Buy Original, always review our privacy practices and change them accordingly. So, you do not need to find the same privacy policy whenever you visit. The reason is that these practices can be changed at any time. Therefore, we recommend all our visitors review our privacy policy periodically to ensure that our current version of the privacy policy suits you or not and decide to use the website accordingly.

How to accept our privacy policy?

When you start using our website, you confirm that you have accepted all the terms and conditions mentioned in the privacy policy. You also confirm that you will follow all the terms and conditions given in this document. And if you do not agree with what has been mentioned in the privacy policy, please do not use our website. If you agree to use but do not want to provide personal information, please do not provide your details anywhere on the website even if we ask you to do so.