Top 7 Online Shopping Platforms In Pakistan

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Online buying was long thought to be fraudulent because of its rarity and seeming impracticality. People have been under lockdown in their homes because of COVID-19, but the uncertainty caused by the waves has led them to believe in it and test it out.

E-commerce in Pakistan was growing at a steady clip until Corona when it saw a boom. Therefore, the first generation of E-commerce websites has not achieved mainstream success despite their status as trusted eCommerce platforms. But the following E-commerce platforms are the best in their capacity and services


If you were to ask a random person in Pakistan whom they thought had the most significant online shopping websites, Daraz could be the first name they mentioned. It has become a symbol of the whole eCommerce industry. It has found great popularity in the South Asian market. Rather than being a location where you can only buy from one company, it has transformed into a marketplace where you can buy from several.

It is a cutting-edge platform that facilitates transactions between businesses and their customers (the end-user). Daraz’s marketplace of over 30,000 merchants gives you plenty of options for finding a reliable vendor that offers competitive pricing. Because of this, rivalry has arisen inside Daraz, ensuring you will get the most in-demand goods available.


Since its inception in 2006, ShopHive has been a vital part of Pakistan’s e-commerce ecosystem, even when just a fraction of the population shopped online. The store’s catalog has a wide variety of goods, ranging from appliances for the house to cellular devices, workplace supplies, and things for personal care. Shophive has earned a name for itself in the community by introducing well-known goods to the local consumer base. You can get unique home and kitchen electronics in today’s market.

3-Buy Original 

Finding an affordable cell phone is a task in and of itself. You make a plan, visit a local market, and come away without seeing a smartphone that fits your needs and budget. The options available to you will always be limited. In window shopping, shopkeepers present you with mobile devices from companies whose products you may not desire to purchase, but you’ll have no choice. But this shopping website has effects in bulk and variety.

You may get a wide selection of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices at Buy Original, one of the few Pakistani internet retailers. Filter your search results by domain, company, budget range, and quality to quickly discover what you’re looking for.

Although it mainly sells electronics, it has several other categories that can catch your eyes, such as books, stationery, mobile accessories, clothing, and even baby toys. They feature a specific area for those interested in discovering hotels in the main cities around Pakistan. Every major manufacturer has a shop here.  PUMA Pakistan sneakers are also available here.

Sysmbios was one of the first websites in Pakistan to sell electronics and smart devices online. Since 2006, they have been providing the citizens of Pakistan with only the finest goods. Their knowledge and experience will guide you to the best possible deal on a cell phone, computer, wristwatch, television, or exercise equipment.

With their vigilance and customer care over the years, they’ve branched into electronics for use at home, in the workplace, and even camping. If you’re a gadget collector, you shouldn’t miss the individual departments dedicated to cameras and home entertainment.

It’s excellent that Quran has its tab, right among the health and beauty content. The lovely words of the Quran may be effortlessly recited or listened to with this digital Quran, making it an excellent present for parents.

There are always new names to learn because of the proliferation of online retailers. However, only a tiny percentage of Pakistan’s eCommerce businesses can thrive in the country’s competitive market. Among the newcomers to Pakistan’s top online shopping sites is It’s a one-stop shop for all the day-to-day shopping requirements of internet customers throughout the country.

Their catalog is unlike any other, including separate sections for men’s and women’s clothing. You may shop the newest styles from the most popular apparel, accessories, and cosmetics labels. They have a loyal consumer base that loves their smartwatches and other electronic devices since they are both fashionable and accessible.


Although there are several well-known labels in the apparel industry, GulAhmadShop is Pakistan’s most popular e-commerce site, with as many as 1 million monthly visits. SapphireKhadi, limelight, Studios, alKaram, Nishat linen, and Sana Safinaz are only a few of their rivals in the market. GulAhmad is the industry leader because of the wide selection of both stitched and unstitched garments it offers for both sexes.

Customers particularly like the shop because of its fantastic sales and discounts. There are displays of seasonal selections. For all the ladies out there, it must seem like paradise to be able to choose an item from such a wide choice based on their preferred fabric condition, color, and design. When it comes to footwear, purses, and children, they do have varying aesthetic preferences.


About 30 years have passed during Telemart’s time as a retailer. They have tested their eCommerce platform after running successful telemarketing and traditional marketing campaigns. They first specialized in consumer electronics and smartphones but later added departments for clothing for both sexes, medicine, and toys for children.

The store is dedicated to delivering only the highest quality goods to maintain customer confidence and build a dedicated following. They have the most extensive library in the industry, with over 150,000 products from several suppliers and brands. The shop often holds sales and coupon giveaways to attract new consumers and reward its patrons.

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